Product Care

Caring for your new bed/mattress


All beds and mattresses sold on this site are made from the finest materials to exacting standards of workmanship. However, like most new products, useful life-span depends on the amount of tender loving care the bed/mattress receives throughout its life.

Listed below are a few pointers to ensure that you enjoy many years of comfort from your bed/mattress:


Do not bend or roll your new mattress


Unless you have purchased a carry home memory foam or reflex foam mattress, It is important that you DO NOT Bend or roll up your new mattress as this will permanently damage the spring unit and fabric and will also invalidate your guarantee.


Allow your new mattress to breathe


Many mattresses can have a distinctive chemical smell when you first unpack them, but some can have a particularly strong odour. Therefore we recommend that you leave your mattress to air for 3- 4 hours before use to allow any fumes and condensation to disperse.

WARNING: Please ensure that all polythene packaging is placed well out of reach of small children to prevent suffocation and that all packaging material is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Turning your mattress regularly


Unless you have purchased a non turn mattress which only needs rotating on a regular basis, it is important that you turn your mattress at least once a fortnight for the first couple of months, (side to side and head to toe) and then monthly thereafter, to make sure that the mattress wears evenly and stays comfortable. Many mattresses come with handles to help with flipping, turning and positioning the mattress, which will prolong the life-span of your mattress and reduce the risk of any impression marks.


Getting accustomed to your new bed/mattress


Occasionally your first night’s sleep on a new bed may seem a little strange. This is NORMAL, you need to allow time for your body to adjust and nestle into your new bed. The length of time this takes depends on your sensitivity and speed to which your body adjusts to change. It can be within several nights or maybe a little longer. But rest assured, once you have adjusted you will experience many good years of comfortable sleep.


Impression marks are normal


Due to modern day mattress fillings being more sumptuous and luxurious than ever before, impression marks may be initially pronounced in the predominant sleeping areas.

These Impression marks are normal and providing that the mattress is properly supported on a suitable base and that you turn your mattress (side to side and head to toe) on a regular basis, these impressions will be minimised.


Check your bed frame and fixings regularly.


This generally applies to wooden, metal, upholstered, leather and faux leather bedsteads where the fixings can come loose over time, by checking these fixings on a regular basis you will reduce the risk of any damage and extend the life expectancy of the frame. It is also advisable that if your frame has a centre support leg that you carefully move the frame by lifting in a safe and coordinated manner rather than dragging the frame causing the centre leg to be unbalanced which in turn will damage the frame.


Do Not sit on the edge of your mattress


Sitting on the edge of your mattress will damage it or reduce its life expectancy. They’re designed to take your body weight spread evenly over the mattress surface.


Do Not Overload the storage drawers in your bed


Storage drawers in your divan base are not designed to take heavy weights or bulky items, doing this may well damage the drawer itself or the drawer runners.


Do Not walk or jump on your bed


Walking or jumping on your bed might seem like fun, but it can damage the mattress or reduce its life expectancy.

Protecting your mattress with a Protect-A-Bed breathable waterproof mattress protector
We recommend that you use a Protect-A-Bed mattress cover that will protect your new mattress from stains and spills. This will not only help to keep your new mattress in perfect condition but will also protect your guarantee. Because the guarantee can be invalidated if your mattress is badly stained or soiled.

A new protect-A-Bed mattress cover will also absorb your body moisture, which will prolong the life of your new bed or mattress. The fact is that we lose over a pint and a half of body moisture and dead skin every night while sleeping, most of it directly into our beds. Unfortunately, most mattresses absorb this moisture, which plays a significant part in the breakdown and deterioration of internal fillings and springs.


Cleaning your bed/mattress


We advise that you gently brush the mattress or base but DO NOT use detergents or chemical cleaners as this may mark, fade or damage the fabric and stitching