National Bed Month From Health To Tips To Improve Sleep

To find out what is best for your children, to improving your own sleep click on the link below to check out what the sleep council are saying about March bed month. It includes sleep tips, sleep hygiene, the health benefits and also what bedroom environment you should have to get a good night sleep.


‘WHICH’ Magazine – Best Buy – Hybrid 2000 Now in Store



Many of our customers have requested a quick and easy way to add reviews to allow other customers to read about their experiences on purchasing a product from ourselves, So as from the 18th of August, new customers can now leave a web review on our website as well as read about our previous customers experiences.

Beware of rogue traders

Following on from the BBC TV’s Fake Britain programme about counterfeit mattresses, the latest warnings come from the Local Government Association (LGA) – which represents councils in England and Wales. They warn that ‘scam traders’ are selling dirty mattresses that had been thrown away but then simply recovered and sold as new. You can read more here.

Of course, all NBF Approved Members have been independently audited to ensure they have robust procedures in place for supply chain scrutiny and compliance with regulatory requirements. The newly updated version of the code now includes additional scope, bringing the total number of key areas audited to seven. They are:
Cleanliness of Fillings
Trade descriptions
Textile composition labelling
Awareness of EU Timber Regulations (EUTR)
Awareness of REACH Regulations
Awareness of EU Biocides Legislation